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Our Mission:

Assisting residents in creating safe, friendly and attractive neighborhoods throughout the Racine community.






Block Watch:

Building the strength of our neighborhoods one block at a time



Crime Prevention:




local residents working with law enforcement to reduce crime as well as the fear of crime

Frequently Asked Questions

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Working with you to create safe, friendly and attractive neighborhoods.
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Group Workcamps are high-energy and action-packed, yet powerful and life-changing!

About Group Workcamps

Group Cares is a non-profit organization recruiting young people from across the country to give back to their communities through community service work.Group Cares offers several unique multi-day mission trip experiences that take place in the spring, summer, and fall.

Group Cares Home Repair Workcamps are high-energy home repair mission trips during which youth work hard to improve the living situations of people in need while also building strong relationships with friends and youth leaders. Participants will do home repairs for local residents during the week. Residents either cannot afford to pay for these repairs or cannot physically do the work; they are humbled and excited that participants offer to do these repairs for them at no cost. As the local organizer, we select repairs within the skillset of the youth (or that they can learn quickly enough) and that can be completed during the duration of one week.

Group Workcamp - Destination:

Each year for the past 21 years young adults (age 14-19) and their adult leaders descended on Racine for a week-long Home Repair Mission trip. They arrive carrying food items for our local food pantry along with creating lots of energy and excitement. In their luggage they carried hammers, paint brushes, tarps, rain gear, and sunscreen. In four and one half days, these students from various church youth groups across the country repair and transform from 40-60 homes - and strengthen and grow in their own faith.They come to Racine ready to provide home repairs at no cost for elderly, disabled, and disadvantaged people in designated areas of the community who need help with minor home repairs. Project crews are kept busy doing projects like... interior and exterior painting, building/repairing porches, steps, fences, and wheelchair ramps, and numerous other simple home repairs.

Workcamp continues to have a powerful financial impact on our community, with thousands of dollars of free labor and materials being used to repair homes in need.

Racine Neighborhood Watch, Inc. has now completed twenty consecutive years co-sponsoring with Group Workcamps and organizing these week-long Home Repair Mission trips where, on average, 40 to 60 Racine-area homes receive a makeover. After witnessing more than 10,000 participants complete work on over 1,100 homes, Racine Group Workcamp is preparing for yet another successful Workcamp in 2019! Perhaps we will add your home to the list of successfully completed projects!

Group Workcamp - another way Racine Neighborhood Watch lives out our mission 'helping to create safe, friendly, and attractive neighborhoods throughout the Racine community'.



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